Blockchain Financial Planning

We can provide guidance and planning around how businesses and individuals can leverage decentralized technologies and services to cut costs, reduce exposure to risk, and solve problems in novel ways that ultimately help your bottom line.  We can provide analyses, education, and strategies around the finanical impact of market trends and how you can best position yourself for growth in the blockchain space.  

Blockchain Software Solutions

We can provide technical solutions or technical consulting for smart contract development and other blockchain related software solutions.  Our team has vast technical knowledge and professional experience writing clean, maintainable code on multiple platforms.  

In addition to developing software, we can consult your team on training and best practices around smart contract development.

Portfolio Consulting

Using our financial and technical expertise, as well as our domain knowledge of the blockchain space, we can develop a strategy for you or your business to capture as much growth as possible in the emerging cryptocurrency space.  We can offer an individually taylored set of analyses and recommendations that take in to account your specific needs, strengths, risk tolerance, and goals.  

We will work with you to appropriately expose you or your business to new, emerging asset class in a way that is easy to understand.  

Security Consulting

With years of technical expertise and knowledge around industry best practices,  we can provide recommendations around how to mitigate exposure to security risks and keep your data and assets secure, as well as security audits and education around industry standards.  

This includes, but is not limited to, smart contracts development and security, sending and storing crytocurrency, tokens, and other digital assets, and defense from things like attacks on the blockchain networks or malicious users interacting with critical third party infrastructure.  

Blockchain Introduction Consulting

What is the blockchain?  Why should I care?  How can I make money from it?  It can be difficult to know where to begin with big quetions like these.  We can quickly get you or your team ramped up on what you need to know about the blockchain space and why it is important or valuable to you in particular.  

We can provide information sessions around the business impacts as well as the technical implementation details, and do so in a way that is easy to understand.  Based on your needs, we can provide information around business requriements, market trends, financial impacts, technical and security concerns, and development questions regarding blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts.